Teaching Styles

Grades 4-6

Students at this age generally struggle with concepts due to the lack of reinforcement of previous concepts. SEEK tutors can provide the child with basic tools such as times tables (for math), and incorporate hands on techniques to explain more complicated concepts. Learning at this age is also a lot about practice, and a strict homework schedule will be provided to the student to ensure a strong grasp of the concept at hand. Generally, the concepts learned at this age are very useful when going ahead, and it is highly important that they are clear before moving forward.


Grades 7-8

Learning at this age involves the introduction of several new concepts. Often, the speed at which these are taught is quick, and students lose track. In order to make sure students are able to keep up with the concepts, tutors are told to use several different methods to explain the same concept. With different perspectives, students are able to grasp the concept much better, which can help them when learning more difficult concepts in high school.


Grades 9-10

In high school, the teaching style changes, and with a new teacher and less personal connection between the teacher and the student, understanding of concepts may be lost. The tutor here is required to ensure that they teach according to the learning style of the student. With the highly auditory and visual learning provided in high school, students may not be able to grasp concepts as wells as they did in middle school. Students are also not accustomed to learning independently, and tutors will help students to learn by themselves, learn to manage a timetable, and use their time effectively.