Our Teaching Method

SEEK attempts to match youth with youth in order to ensure an inclusive learning environment. Often with older tutors, there is a lack of connection between the tutor and the student, and the problem that may be occurring at school also occurs with the tutor. By connecting the student to someone closer to their own age, there is a deeper understanding between the learner and the educator. Often students are able to understand one another better as they are facing similar struggles, and are easily able to empathize with one another. With the professional guidance provided at school, matched up with SEEK’s inclusive teaching method, students are sure to see better results.

At SEEK, we train our tutors to maintain a positive relationship with their students. Mentorship is a key thing involved with tutoring. With high school students, they may not be taken seriously at first sight, but our tutors are trained to radiate confidence and be prepared for any mishappenings in the tutoring process. Along with that, our tutors are equipped with various resources required to achieve a successful grade. Since many of our tutors have recently taken the course that they are teaching, they will have several tips they can share with the student. A healthy student-teacher relationship is absolutely necessary for the progress of the student, and SEEK ensures our tutors are employed with skills that do so.

Every student has a different learning style, and SEEK takes great consideration of this when matching up students with tutors. Tutors are also taught to mold their teaching styles according to the students they are with. From videos, to listening, to hands-on, the tutor will take the approach that is the most effective for the child. A more detailed account of the teaching styles for each specific grade level can be found here.