Our Services

For all lessons, a free consultation will be given, where the tutor will meet the student over video calling, or in real life, to ensure compatibility. All tutors are a part of the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board, and have successfully graduated from the grade of the child that they are tutoring. This will ensure that the curriculum requirements for the particular child and subject are achieved. Since our tutors are all high school students, it will ensure that they are familiar with the schooling process, and are able to provide the best advice.



Each student will be placed with an individual tutor who will help them according to their specific needs. Subjects that the student requires help in will be worked on, and the teaching style will be molded based on the requirements of the individual student. The place can range from a public library to the students house, based on personal preferences. With one-on-one tutoring, there will be a stronger bond between the tutor and the student and the student will obtain a customized learning experience.


Group Tutoring

Groups of 2-3 students will be placed with a tutor who will help them with a specific subject. The meeting place will most likely be a public library, where both students and tutors will feel comfortable amongst one another. A group of students will encourage friendly competition, as well as an inclusive environment. The learning style for group tutoring is a little less customizable, and requires the child to complete homework at home to prepare for the lesson with the tutor.


Exam-specific tutoring

CAT Exam (IB entrance):

We have several tutors who are successful students in the International Baccalaureate program at Colonel By, who are available to provide training for the CAT test, and the IB entrance. This test is usually written by Grade 8 or 9 students in January, and assistance for the IB entrance process will be provided between October and January. Lessons for this may be in person but also through video calling and Google Docs. The tutor will help the student with their application and CAT exam which will maximize their chance of getting into the IB program.


EQAO/OSSLT tutoring:

Tutoring for Ontario Curriculum based exams can be provided throughout the year or approaching the time of the exam. Tutors will get together and focus on practice papers, tips, and advice on how to ensure success. This can be done through a one-on-one tutoring approach, or with groups of 2-3 students. Often, a group tutoring approach is seen to be more effective for exam tutoring.


*Our tutors cannot guarantee success. They are expected to assist in the best way possible; the child’s success is based on the cumulative efforts of both the child and the tutor.